Highly regulated boutique private lender working to deliver timely capital to borrowers, and reliable returns to investors.

Sydney Wyde is a well-credentialed private mortgage lender with a proven track record spanning over 20 years. Established by Tim Stoyles in 1999, Sydney Wyde is highly regulated and licenced, and provides a speedy and transparent service for brokers/borrowers and investors.

Our friendly Sydney Wyde team is available to discuss your needs.

For brokers and borrowers

Premium boutique mortgage fund famed for fast approval and assessment times. Supporting brokers to deliver efficient service with reasonable rates and fees. Regulated and AFCA member where many are not.

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Most loans approved within two days, through our thorough assessment process

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Loans provided for factories, development sites, residential, commercial, retail, subdivisions

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Complex loans i.e. boarding house, mechanic businesses, aged care

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Supporting brokers and the best interest of their client, acting towards symbiotic solutions

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For investors

Longstanding highly regulated retail mortgage funds. A proven track record of obtaining reasonable returns and capital stability for investors over the last 20 years. AFCA member with a requirement for a minimum of $5.0M PI Insurance.

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Reasonable returns for reasonable risk generated through fixed rate first mortgages

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Investment secured by real estate and valued by a panel member of reputable third-party valuers

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Investor money managed by a professional licensed manager with regular distributions

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Working with advisors, investors and particularly popular with SMSF holders

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